Now, I doubt there’s anymore people reading my blog, as if there were in the first place! A lot has changed in 2 years, I have moved back to Canada! It’s a lot different than HK and I really miss CDNIS, but I am just going to have to make do with what I have.  I have so many things to tell you, more posts will (hopefully) be coming!


Today I have a lot to explain! I have finished grade five forever! That means I won’t need this blog but I am still keeping it even though I have to change its tagline. I will try to write on my blog every week and approve comments. Instead of using it for writing about things that happen in school I’ll write it about all different things like sports, the weekend, a holiday. Let’s start with the holiday because it’s summer! I am going to Canada for six weeks and I’m going to do lots of biking, horse riding, lots of running, and of course relaxing maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to do some canoeing. The thing is though I’m not allowed on the computer when I go to Canada so if you want to hear about my trip you’re going to have to wait until I get back. The place I am going to is called Sun Peaks I think I might of told you about it before. I hope you all have a great holiday!

What Happened On The Weekend

You know how I told you guys in the last post that we saw sharkwater and it was directed by Rob Stewart. Well guess what! On the weekend we went on a junk boat and we saw him! We expected that they were celebrating the first premier in Hong Kong with a party. We had a lot of fun on the junk by jumping off the top of the junk and banana boating. Banana boating is so much fun on the waves but you have to hold on tight!



Today we saw the new movie called “Sharkwater”. It was directed and produced by Rob Stewart. It was about the truth about sharks and their real personality. It was about taking action to protect the sharks no matter what they had to do. I really liked watching it because it showed the truth behind what really happens to the sharks and the sharks real personality. When you watched it you could really understand how important the sharks are to the entire eco-system and if they become extinct what will happen to the human race. There are 4 most endangered types of sharks, the great white, the basking shark, the saw shark, and the whale shark. Click the banner to watch the trailer.

Where Is The Love?

On Friday we filmed the 5E Where Is The Love? We had lots of different groups going to film in different places like on the playground and in the hallways. I was with Eagle 09, Eagle 23, Eagle 18, and Eagle 25. We were filming outside at the front of the school and also in the library. I found it harder than I expected because you had to actually plan what you were doing and how it would work. The hardest obstacle was other people, because we were filming at the front of the school we had to film were nobody else would get in the way. Filming in the library was also hard because we couldn’t talk normally which made it harder to understand each other. We took 3 clips in total (I know it doesn’t seem like a lot in around 45 minutes), one was me and Eagle 23 getting chased by a teacher through the shelves because we stuck a “?” on the shelves. Another was of Eagle 23 and Eagle 9 sticking up a question mark. The last one was of me beckoning and us all running away. A great thank you to our wonderful photographer Eagle 25 and to our Director Eagle 18. I think our group did a great job and it was a good experience.

P.S. When we got back to the classroom we filmed the faces of the kids and our whole class singing.

P.P.S Look in my old posts to find the movie!

Challenge #10 Part 2

When my Dad first came to my blog he thought there were many different parts to it. The thing that captured most of his attention was my avatar because it had a resemblance to me. The things he found distracting were the information pieces on my sidebar like the Meta and the CC license. To make my posts more attractive and more stimulating I should use different colours and bolder for emphasis. Type soon!

Challenge #10 Part 1

In total this year I have had 61 comments, and 49 posts. About a 3 quarters of my posts were related to school or education. I don’t know how many comments that I have got from overseas but I have gotten 2 comments from teachers. The post that got the most comments had 7 comments (for Eagle 7!) and that post was about A SURFING DOG! I think that, that one got the most comments because it was a very funny story that anyone can enjoy. The post I enjoyed writing the most was the one about… well I liked writing all the posts because you can express how you feel to the whole world and you can write what you want as long as it’s related to what your talking about. I have 7 widgets (again for Eagle 7), but I think thats enough for the amount for my theme to look tidy, which brings me onto my next point. I have never changed my blog theme because this one fits me and my blog. Type soon!

A New Unit

Today we’re starting a new unit about puberty and about our body. We are learning about what sort of systems there are in our body, and what sort of things happen during puberty. We’re  learning about how our body functions and what things we should expect to happen during puberty. I’ll say it’s a different unit then what I’d expect for a unit. Oh well!


On Tuesday we packed up our bags to go to camp! We all went to Cheung Chau island in Lantou. We stayed over for 2 nights and 3 days, we stayed in cabins, and I shared with Eagle 09, Eagle 23, Eagle 25, and Battler 26. I was in the yellow group; the Lemon Squeezers! Our group leader was Ms.Davis. We learned to play the game called Wah and evolution. The second night we had a BBQ dinner and instead of roasting marshmallows we roasted bananas! They really tasted good! We had A LOT of fun on camp!

Challenge #9

Today lots of teenagers use mobile phones. 75% have phones, 25% don’t have phones. According to research the older you get the more you use your phone for texting. Surprisingly enough the teenagers that have mobile phones use them for texting more than calling and about 75% of that are females. And get this 33% of teenagers send and recieve 100 texts per day. As if thats not enough 11% percent recive and send 200 text messages per day. Don’t they have anything else to do with their spare time?  I think the graphic orginizer that I got all the information is very clear and all the information is very likely. I have a mobile phone but I only use it for calls. NO TEXT MESSAGING! My friends all have phones but like the same as me they only use them for calls.

I don’t think that having a mobile phone and using it for texting is a good idea because it is easier to call the person and tell them all they need to know then texting 15 different times to tell the one thing.