Where Is The Love?

On Friday we filmed the 5E Where Is The Love? We had lots of different groups going to film in different places like on the playground and in the hallways. I was with Eagle 09, Eagle 23, Eagle 18, and Eagle 25. We were filming outside at the front of the school and also in the library. I found it harder than I expected because you had to actually plan what you were doing and how it would work. The hardest obstacle was other people, because we were filming at the front of the school we had to film were nobody else would get in the way. Filming in the library was also hard because we couldn’t talk normally which made it harder to understand each other. We took 3 clips in total (I know it doesn’t seem like a lot in around 45 minutes), one was me and Eagle 23 getting chased by a teacher through the shelves because we stuck a “?” on the shelves. Another was of Eagle 23 and Eagle 9 sticking up a question mark. The last one was of me beckoning and us all running away. A great thank you to our wonderful photographer Eagle 25 and to our Director Eagle 18. I think our group did a great job and it was a good experience.

P.S. When we got back to the classroom we filmed the faces of the kids and our whole class singing.

P.P.S Look in my old posts to find the movie!

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